About Emerging FX Monthly

Emerging FX Monthly is a monthly magazine bringing you BMI's monthly pick of FX forecasts for both developed states and emerging markets, including BMI's proprietary forecasts as well as qualitative assessments of the key factors driving currency trajectory over the next two years. Emerging FX Monthly also includes BMI's latest inflation, interest rate and exchange rate projections for all key emerging market and global economies on a monthly basis.

With the monthly newsletter you also get access to the online platform www.emerging-fx.com. Complementing the Emerging FX Monthly, it is a unique resource dedicated to those looking to understand the outlook for currencies, interest rates and inflation for key emerging markets. Fully searchable content also allows you to access the stories that are most important to your information needs.

Emerging FX Monthly is part of the product portfolio of BMI Research. Established in 1984, BMI is a leading publisher of specialist business information on global emerging markets. The BMI range of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly services covers political risk, financial markets, macroeconomic performance, outlook and forecast, industry sectors and the business operating environment. BMI also publishes directories and CD-ROMs profiling multinational companies active in emerging markets.

This wide-ranging and extensive coverage of all global emerging markets allows us to analyse and forecast the economic and political risk and business environment in a broad global context. We are independent and objective. BMI is independent from suppliers, consultancies and other organisations.

Our subscribers and clients benefit from the fact that the information we offer remains free from any vested interest. BMI has customers in more than 150 countries and has an international reputation for not only its highly respected analysis of news and events, but also for its leading forecasts that subscribers soon come to rely upon.

Subscribers at more than half of the Global Fortune 500 companies, in addition to governments, banks and research centres benefit from our mission to provide executives with authoritative analysis and forecasts to make informed global decisions.